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NRA Training and Colorado Concealed Carry Training


Rocky Mountain Firearms Safety offers a broad range of firearm and personal protection training programs and products. We offer both NRA and non-NRA training courses to meet the needs of the beginner to those seeking advanced strategies in self-defense.

Our Colorado concealed carry course (CCW/CHP) that we instruct is the Tall Guns Certified Tall Guns Independent Affiliated InstructorColorado Concealed Handgun Permit program. This program has been attended by thousands of citizens across the state of Colorado and is well recognized as the “best of breed program”. Tall Guns has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars developing and maintaining the quality, validity of the content and value of this Concealed Carry program. Rocky Mountain Firearms Safety is training Pikes Peak region Colorado citizens under this program.

We are
NRA Certified Instructora certified Tall Guns Affiliated Instructor partner trained and licensed to teach this program. We are also Certified NRA Instructors in pistol both revolver and semi-automatic action types.

We offer training in a wide variety of firearm platforms, home firearm safety, preparation certifications for licensing as a security officer, home security and other disciplines directly from us or through the Tall Guns network of affiliated instructors.

We are a professional training firm conducting courses at various locations in the Colorado Springs area. We offer our training programs and products during the weekdays and on weekends to meet the demanding schedules of our clients.
You may have found our web site because you are looking for information on personal protection or firearm training. Allow us an opportunity to become your personal firearms and training source.  Our goal is not to simply to  have customers and students, it is to create clients, customers and students are a transactional relationship and we are here for you whenever you need us.
Rocky Mountain Firearms Safety is based in Colorado Springs serving the Pikes Peak region and south central Colorado.

We provide training, services and information on the following:

  • Colorado Concealed Carry Permit (CCW/CHP) Training
  • NRA F.I.R.S.T. Steps
  • NRA Basic Pistol Course
  • How to choose a firearm for your specific needs
  • Colorado self-defense laws and firearm regulations